Capture the memories at your next event with our Green Screen Photo Party Booths

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Event Packages Starting at $300.00

Green Screen Photos

How can you make your next event unforgettable and greatly increase your Return On Investment? Have Snapit Events set up a Green Screen at your next event to create fun photographs of your attendees and print them out right then. With green screen photos, our professional event photographers can transport your guests to anywhere in the world  or back in time. Either way, not only are the photos fun but they are keep sakes that will sit on your customers and employees desks instead of in a drawer.  


  1. You Choose 2 to 3 backgrounds from our collection or we can make you a custom one. 
  2. Give us your logo or slogan you want for the foreground of the print.
  3. book your event date. 
  4. Our Professional and Friendly Event Team Photographer sets up  at your event, takes all the the photo and prints them all right onsite.
  5. Each on of your guest get a copy of their photos 

Print sizes:

  • 4x6
  • 5x7
  • 6x9
  • 8x10
  • 8x12

Our Green Screen Photo Party Booths can print onsite photos as fast as 14sec a photo. Which means more bang for your buck with our unlimited print packages you win! 

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Photos from some of our recent events.